Personal Coaching

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. At MBS MentorAgency, we believe that when people are clear about what they want, they are able to focus and align their energy towards their goals. Our individual clients learn to dream and to want. It can feel like you are stepping into a magic tunnel, where many happy things happen to them and, like a domino effect, influence all those around them. We believe happiness can be contagious!

Ask yourself these questions:

“Five years from today, who will I be if I don’t make a change TODAY?”

“Am I willing to let go of my fears and grow to the person I know I can be?”

Everyone deep inside has the right answers to these questions. Deep down, we know what we need to do and the pain is clogging our thinking. It is not easy to do it alone. You know what brought you into that situation but don’t know how to get out of that place. With the right guidance and encouragement you are able to design a brighter future and move confidently towards it.

Marriage Coaching

We believe that any relationship requires alignments of values, needs and desire. We help couples save their relationship, by giving them constant reminders of their promises to each other and teaching them how to keep working on their relationship. We help you make sure you fuel the excitement with romantic dates, surprises and holidays, and leave separation as a last resort. Being coached with your partner strengthens your relationship, because you learn to accept yourself and your partner at the same time. It’s great for couples who are not happy, yet have a strong desire to make things work.

Parenting Coaching

We believe that when parents are happy with themselves and clear about their beliefs and values, this will be reflected onto their children, like little mirrors. Equipped with simple but powerful parenting tools to balance life, parents report they see a huge improvement in their parenting abilities and in their kids. In the parenting program, we target your well-being as a parent, as well as your relationships with your kids, and focus on the connection between the two. This way, we allow your growth to inspire the growth of your kids without the need for them to attend the session.

Child Coaching

A life coach is someone who helps you take a journey and guides you through the learnings needed to keep moving forward, stay on track and achieve success and happiness. We believe that starting early is essential and everyone can be happy. In the child coaching sessions, they learn to understand themselves and establish good relationships with others. With the right guidance and encouragement, kids can develop confidence, resilience and strong emotional intelligence. Our child coaching program is delivered in cycles of 4 sessions. In each cycle, we spend 3 sessions with your child and 1 session with the parent(s) or guardian(s).

To make the most of the coaching, we recommend 3 x 1-hour assessment sessions with the child and a summary/guidance session with the parents. The parents receive a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations, which they can share with other professionals that may be working with the child. We zone-in on the child’s well being and give parents the skills to support their kids. By working with the parents and kids, we allow you to help your kids even after they finish their coaching sessions.

Family Coaching

Parents learn how to coach themselves and their family towards positive thinking, self acceptance, appreciation, self confidence, success, love and caring. You’ll learn new skills, integrate them into your life and get the philosophy and the principles needed even long after you have completed the coaching course. We will give you the tools to navigate your family with your ‘personal GPS’. The coach will help you find where you may be stuck and show you ways to get your life and your kids’ life flowing forward again.

The strategies used by our coaches can help you cope with the challenges, and reward yourself for the successes:

  • Build strong relationships.

  • Gain skills to give you confidence.

  • Find a better work-life balance.

  • Transition into parenthood.

  • Learn constructive communication skills to create positive parenting and family rituals.

  • Develop positive, nurturing habits for your whole family.

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