We have both always shared a common interest in helping people overcome challenges.

We are high school sweethearts who first layed eyes on each other in 2001. We still have some of the love letters that we passed to each other in the hallway between classes! Staying with a romantic partner you’ve been with since high school may seem unconventional at best and naive at worst. But for couples whose roots go all the way back to their school days, there’s something unique to the connection, something deeply rooted that few outsiders can understand. Being married since 2007, we feel there’s a huge amount of wisdom that we have been keeping under our belts. We are fortunate to have made many connections that have led us to long lasting friendships, turned family. We have witnessed many marriages around us that have resulted in divorce. However, like many others, we’ve encountered struggles of our own. Let MBS Mentor Agency help you through your struggles.

We are well-traveled adventurous spirits having landed in over 15 different countries. Our love for people and culture has always inspired us to dive into the world of coaching and mentorship. We aim to create memorable and authentic experiences.

In our free time, we are usually eating at our favorite vegan restaurants, volunteering in our community, travelling the universe for spontaneous adventures with our friends or exploring the great outdoors with our 2 amazing children.

“The good, bad and ugly…however it may be, it is our truth.”

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